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MIA aus Berlin transformed into IAM MIA

In 2007 I moved to the UK to study Communication Design at University of Portsmouth. My first projects I released as Mia aus Berlin.

After I finished my Masters degree in Graphic Design I returned to Berlin in 2011. I gained work experience in agencies and in startups while I was focusing more on my professional development as a user experience and interface designer.

In 2015 user testing became more relevant. Therefore apps, websites and software had to be tested with real users. At that point of my career nobody needed to ask:

Looks pretty good –

Does it actually work?

Work with accepted usability pattern

There is no need to reinvent the wheel whenever you are creating an app, software or website. Use interactive patterns that have been successfully tested and therefore accepted by real users. Start investing into the creative progress of your digital brands and products.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

<strong>IAM MIA</strong> is a design network that offers assignments from individuals or companies to a network of experienced designers. The client has the possibility to use designers once or repeatedly on a regular basis.

The journey is the destination – Allow your users to enjoy the digital journey and request interactive solutions today.