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Mailchimp released a free website builder

Mailchimp released a free website builder

Do designers and programmers need to worry that Mailchimp, the specialist in marketing, will get increasing recognition in website publishing? Mailchimp is known for the ease of creating and sending email newsletter campaigns. The platform offers a selection of newsletter templates and with the help of the modular system, it is easy to create your own templates and fill them with your content. Campaigns can be scheduled via Mailchimp and the evaluation function provides relevant insights into the click rate of newsletter recipients. The principle can only be transferred to newsletters, but also to the strategic development of websites for small businesses. The wheel doesn't always have to be reinvented!
Website building system for non-designers
The drag & drop feature has proven to be very useful in newsletter creation and so it is also used in Mailchimp's website builder. The modular system offers common UI elements such as text, images, lists, etc., which can be used to create an unstyled content wireframe for desktop, tablets and smartphones. In advance, it is worth structuring and planning the content separately. If the content is already clearly formulated and structured, the website building kit system leads to target-oriented results in a relatively short time. Basically, the Mailchimp modular system allows you to generate quick website prototypes because the structure is greatly simplified. Design adjustments are also fairly simple, but they do not allow for any particular variety or creative experimentation, which is to the advantage of the target group, non-designers, because the limited options thus lead to visually acceptable results.
The free website builder comes with 24/7 customer support for 30 days, quite a long onboarding period for a beginner to get used to the available features. Mailchimp clearly scores high on user experience, the applications are easy to understand and use. Of course, Mailchimp tries to build a long customer relationship and offers small business owners direct customer support via email and chat in the paid version. In addition, small business owners can register the web domain through Mailchimp, but only the paid version allows omitting the Mailchimp suffix. The basic package costs only 8.48 euros, Standard 12.71 euros per month with up to 500 contacts and Premium with 253.61 euros per month with up to 10,000 contacts is aimed at further professional content strategies.
Search engine optimization
The website builder offers the function for embedding search engine-relevant meta data such as descriptions and company-specific keywords. In addition, Mailchimp provides valuable assistance at this point in dealing with style formats, which have a positive effect on the ranking of the page. Image content should also take into account that it is indexed by search engines and should be web-optimized if possible, so that website loading times are generally low.
Integration von Drittanbietern
At this point, Mailchimp's newsletter marketing channel belongs to it, which can be integrated into the website, which has the great advantage that the analysis data takes place in one place. Third-party providers such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and store systems such as Woo-Commerce or Magento can be easily activated and deactivated. The website builder also has a connection option to Squarespace and WordPress, which allows the embedding of CSS code from other website templates to be used.
Mailchimp's website building system can implement simple website content and features in a straightforward manner. The user interface is very pleasant and simple when creating pages, yet Mailchimp does not allow much flexibility or implementation of custom requirements. The simplicity in the implementation of a website appeals to customers and their target audience who do not have high expectations of the user interface, but who want to link marketing channels to their own domain in a targeted manner. If one is already a user of the Mailchimp newsletter system, then it is certainly worth trying out the website builder. A well thought-out content strategy, an interactive design and the technical implementation of programming functions can successfully come together when the respective experts with know-how and experience work together. A designed and visually appealing website is very different from a website implemented with a modular system.